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Traits Of Robbie, The Robber Of Catan

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Even though Robbie, the robber is the most hated character in the world of Catan, it is little-known that there exist many interesting personalities in him. Despite his reputed hobby of thievery, the infamous looter has been rumoured to have proper business ethics, as well as to conduct heroic deeds. Yet there are still further depths about Robbie to be uncovered.

The value-driven robber: Block the hex that would yield the highest amount of resources for all opponents, usually regardless of their current standings.

The noble robber: Prioritise restricting the leading player, even at the cost of getting no resource or blocking one's own hex.

The neutral robber: Avoid personal conflicts by always taking turns when robbing or putting the robber on a shared hex.

The tactical robber: Specify the most wanted resource, target the player with the higher chance of taking that needed card, neglecting his status.

The strategic robber: Either prevent a player(s) from getting a vital type of resource or block the hex of which number is predicted to be rolled, usually ignoring that hex's probability.

The irritating robber: Purposely put the robber on a player with a recently drawn dev card(s), spurring them to reveal a knight card on their turn.

The intimidating robber: Use the knight card preemptively to deter other(s) from drawing dev cards, or to force a trade lest they be robbed.

The indecisive robber: Placement of the robber is determined by chance (commonly a dice roll).

The diplomatic robber: While there are many aspects regarding this trait, they have one thing in common - the risk of being ignored or abused by other players. The most popular one is the "friendly robber", which is more often than not used to gain political favour. Another example would be using the robber to punish a public enemy, at the same time proposing an alliance. Finally, the robber could be used as a catalyst for trades, either by clarifying the trader's intention of not using a road building or monopoly card - trade assurance or by removing an existing robber on a hex of the "tradee" incentivising them to accept the deal - trade encouragement.

Alas, we have come to an end. Until Robbie reveals more of himself, that is everything we have to share with you about the robber of Catan. Hope you enjoy your stay and the insights gained!

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