The Concept Of Time In The Settlers Of Catan

In order for the players, the audiences, and the commentators to better analyse any type of game, time is commonly used among the frames of reference. So far we have been using different methods to measure time. First, let's start with the 02 traditional ways:

Clock time: A three-player game of Catan usually takes around 45 minutes, though it might vastly differ between games. During tournaments, even when applying the same board layout, some tables ended in less than 30 minutes while others finished after over an hour.

Turn count: Similar to clock time in some aspects, the method has a general standard of 60 turns. In the same manner, the total number of turns each game also fluctuates immensely.

Generally speaking, clock time and turn count reflect the mental pressure on people who involve in the game. To put it differently, when considering the statistics, both methods show the level of endurance players have invested in their games. Despite this, they do not effectively represent the games' characteristics. Clock time can be dragged meaninglessly when people waste too much time thinking or arguing. Meanwhile, the more 7s or any non-productive numbers come up, the more turns it will take to complete a game. To diverse the solutions, we offer 02 advanced ways to keep track of the game flow:

Tension: Simply put, tension demonstrates how exciting a game is in terms of total VPs. The more VPs the better. For a three-player base game of Catan, the score will lean toward the anti-climatic side if total VPs are under 20 and below, but will get more fantastic when they go above 25. The shortest it could get is 14 VPs while the longest is 31 in total.

Game stage: There is no exaggeration in saying the duration of a Catan game is decided by its winner. Once they achieve 10 VPs or higher in their turn, the game ends immediately. Therefore, we suggest that the game stage should be derived from the number of VPs of the currently leading player. During the early game, everyone has 04 or fewer visible VPs. As soon as a player reaches 05 visible VPs, it becomes the mid-game stage. Then, when one player has the potential to have 8 or more visible VPs, it is officially the late game.

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