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Proposing A New Match Formula - First With 02

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

First with 02 - or Fw2 in the abbreviation is the adaptation of the 'Best of 03' formula into Catan. The most important reason we recommend applying Fw2 in replace for a Bo3 is that the latter lacks decisive factors when it comes to a 03-player game. Besides, though the Fw2 formula will be capped at 04 games, we are not keen on the name Bo4 because it seems to be too misconcluding if the match ends only after a contender gets 02 victories.

As I have just mentioned, the winner of an Fw2 set is declared when one individual wins their second game. That means it will last 03 games on average when used in a 03-way battle. It will be finished in 02 games if someone completely dominates their opponents in a back-to-back fashion; meanwhile, a super intense Fw2 match will be dragged into its fourth game.

This unusual type of formula suits people who share the mindset of "2nd place is the first loser" as there is absolutely no honour for ones that come up short. Despite this, sometimes it requires one of the parties to help another out. Indeed, you may have to consider giving an opponent a W if you ever wish to give yourself a chance of winning the whole match. Here is an example:

  • Both you and Alex have previously achieved 01 victory and now you are in the third game of the championship finals.

  • At this point, you are terribly left behind with 05 Victory Points (VPs) while Alex and Beth are tied at 09 VPs.

  • The moment Alex obtains 01 more win, everything will be over. Therefore, your best strategy is to make sure Beth wins the current game.

  • Only then you might be able to come out on top of the series.

Now that we have discussed the basic of Fw2, everything else is for you to discover. Please try Fw2 out during your Catan game nights and give us your feedback. We are looking forward to hearing from you in the comment section below. Thank you for reading!

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