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New Game Mode: Covenant - Maintain the Balance

Updated: Apr 4

So far our website has proposed a total of 04 custom modes for Catan, including Polarised (1v1), Overthrow (1v2), Recession (2v2), and Quarantine (4-way no trading). In this article, we are presenting to you the final piece to complete our set. The newly introduced 3-way game mode revolves around ensuring the competition is as fair and relaxing as possible. To fit the theme and gameplay, we name the mode Covenant. Besides, the motto we pick is "Maintain the Balance". Now let's move on to the details.

To begin with, the first ruling adjustment is all the resource cards players possess are placed face-up on the table in front of them instead of being kept secret in their hands. Right after all starting settlements are chosen, the top development card in the deck will be flipped face-up. The card will stay in that condition even when it got purchased by a player, then, the next top card will be revealed.

Since what dev. cards everyone has are public knowledge, the mechanic of activating them will change a little bit. After being used, Knight cards will be flipped face-down. Meanwhile, activated Monopoly, Road Building, or Year of Plenty cards need to be put on the Building Cost card. Lastly, a Victory Point card simply adds up the score immediately when bought.

Next, we move on to our upgraded version of Friendly Robber. The original Friendly Robber rule of "players with only 02 VPs cannot get robbed, even blocked by the robber" has too many ways to abuse or play around with. Therefore, in Covenant, aside from reaching 03 VPs, a player will also be vulnerable to the robber when they have a total of 05 roads or 02 dev. cards (either of which requires 06 resources to accomplish).

In addition, robbing another player will not grant you a random card of theirs. Instead, the outcome will be decided according to both players' current standings. For example, when player A places the robber on player B,

  • If A has fewer or as many VPs as B, A gets to pick any 01 resource that belongs to B.

  • If A has more VPs than B, B voluntarily gives A 01 resource in their possession instead.

And last but not least, all deals in this game mode are considered binding regardless they involve trading or not. In other words, you have to keep your promise no matter what happens. That is everything about Covenant that you need to know. Have fun maintaining the balance of your Catan game and don't forget to try our other custom modes as well!

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