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Instructables_makendo's Catan Strategy Guide

This is our very first introduction to other people's work on Catan. We create this category to show our appreciation to those who create valuable sources of information. By spreading them out, we look forward to raising the community's awareness of Catan, particularly the original three-player base-game version. We believe the game will soon be recognised as an official mind sport. Now let's get to the main topic of our discussion - makendo's Catan Strategy Guide.

makendo started his piece of work in an ordinary way, introducing Catan while telling readers that his guide is for intermediate-level players, not beginners. The main body of the 5000+ word strategy guide contains 16 steps, which can be divided into 03 sections.

The first section focuses on preparing advanced knowledge for a successful game of Catan, during which the author reviews tips, tricks, and tactics around primary elements such as placing settlements, placing roads, resources, probabilities, development cards, and the robber.

The guide's next section introduces makendo's own version of five early-game strategies named commander, developer, producer, explorer, and queen of sheep. By comparing their pros and cons, the author makes his statement on which strategy is the best in certain situations. From our point of view, this is the most significant part of this whole thread.

Featured in the final section are overall discussions on mid-game strategies, late-game strategies, and an amazing troubleshooting list. Then, makendo ends his article with a few suggestions on the expansion sets for Catan.

If you find the guide we recommend interested, you can either read it in the full version at or download the PDF file attached below. Thank you for reading!

Instructables_Catan Strategy Guide
Download PDF • 1.68MB

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