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An Analysing System Based On The Number Of Resources Spent - Is It Necessary?

Catan players have various ways to earn Victory Points, by building settlements, by upgrading their settlements to city, sometimes by purchasing random development cards. Despite resulting in the same amount, the processes of gaining VPs vastly differ. Some of them are hard-earned with sweat and tears while others can be achieved with pure luck and literally no effort. For that reason, we have come up with a converting system which backtracks number of resources required to get your endgame VPs. Check it out to see if you have any ideas about it.

  • Building a settlement needs at least 01 Wood + 01 Brick for a road first, then 01 Wood + 01 Brick + 01 Sheep + 01 Wheat for itself; therefore, it is worth 06 points in total.

  • A city equals a settlement with an upgrade, adding a combination of 02 Wheat + 03 Ore into it - 11 points.

  • The longest road is worth 10 points with 05 roads minimum.

  • The largest army is worth 09 points with 03 dev. cards minimum.

  • And last but not least, a VP card is 3 points.

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